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Doug Smith International Artist- Daryl Gortner
International Artist, August/September 2010
My paintings are a reflection in what I find beautiful and what evokes an emotional connection within me. I enjoy working with still life objects that are connected to my past in some way. Seeing these antique marbles in an old preserve jar produces nostalgia, and I am instantly transported back to my childhood...
Paul Pitsker Photographic Effects, Painterly Vision
Watercolor Magazine, April 2009
Using photos for reference and for their unique visual effect, Paul Pitsker depicts life-and-death dramas and impossible scenarios that point to the precariousness of existence.

jd Hansen Sculptor jd Hansen's figurative bronzes are heavy on gesture and emotion
www.southwestart.com, November 2008
California sculptor jd Hansen specializes in stylized gestures. In her own way, she's made a stylized gesture of her first name, paring it down to lowercase initials with no punctuation. The contemporary figures she sculpts are likewise stripped down to the bare essentials necessary to convey an idea or emotion.
Chaz Guest Human Nature: Chaz Guest's Artistry Captures the Spirit of the Soul
Upscale Magazine, April 2009
In 1990, acclaimed painter Chaz Guest gave new meaning to the term "starving artist" when he lived on the roof of a New York City building for one month. "I didn't have anyplace else to go and I needed to save the money from my paintings to move into an apartment," says Guest.


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